SAMSUNG Flip 55" Digital Flipchart for Business (WM55H)

An interactive digital flipchart designed for creative thinking, collaboration and innovation

Product Features:
* Interactive display features from note-taking to intuitive navigation
* Versatile connectivity and an ergonomic design
* Innovative touch display technology for smooth writing plus UHD picture quality
* Portable, wheel-based stand (sold separately)

Product Specifications:
* Diagonal Size: 55"
* Type: 60Hz E-LED
* Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (Landscape) 2160 x 3840 (Portrait)
* Brightness(Typ.): 300 (without glass), 220 (with glass) nit
* Contrast Ratio: 4700:1
* Viewing Angle(H/V): 178:178
* Response Time(G-to-G): 8ms(Typ.)

Flip Notation
Draw, Write, Inspire

Enjoy the smooth, familiar feel of traditional writing in a versatile digital format, with a variety of colors, styles and widths available. Up to 4 people can write simultaneously, using any object as a writing tool.

Flip Capture
Capture, in Collaboration

Through Samsung Flip's broad connectivity, you and your team can share and make notations within a variety of content files, all maintained at optimal visual quality.

Flip Navigation
Navigate, with Intuition

Samsung Flip's intuitive, user-friendly menu simplifies navigation and reduces the time required to access controls or view content in its entirety. Facilitators also can preview individual content pages and make instant changes directly on the screen.

Flip protection
Protect Your Valuable Ideas

Ensure that your game-changing ideas remain in the right hands through a reinforced security system. Each in-office team can set a unique numeric password to lock the display and remove critical content from view.

Flip Connection
Enjoy Versatile Connectivity

Samsung Flip's connectivity empowers a fully synchronized, user-friendly collaborative experience. Align your personal devices with the central screen for interactive content visibility, notation and sharing. Samsung Flip includes a dedicated HDMI port for seamless connectivity with user's personal devices.

Flip Synchronization
Sync Viewing, Sync Control

The touch out control functionality allows users to sync their personal devices to the Flip for real-time viewing and control. Changes made on the central screen will automatically transmit to the user's personal device, and vice versa, for efficient, matched viewing.

Flip Presentation
Professionally Showcase Your Work

Adjust to varying huddle room dynamics without sacrificing comfort. Featuring a versatile pivot mode and ergonomic stand, each Flip display can configure to a portrait or landscape orientation to match your collaborative needs.

Flip Distribution
Effortlessly Share Post-Meeting Recaps

Any meeting participant knows the frustration of capturing and sending handwritten recaps. The Samsung Flip relieves this burdensome process. Save conversations and critical content within the display's central storage, and easily share with your colleagues through mobile and digital channels.

Flip touch
Navigate Touch-Driven Communication

InGlass™ technology ensures real-time feedback and speeds without delay. This allows users to experience smooth writing or drawing, equivalent to that of working on traditional paper.

Flip Design
Pioneer thought, Style and Comfort

The Flip’s sleek, gray design positions any environment as sophisticated and forward thinking. With an ergonomic tilt of 4.5° and a spacious front tray and pen holder to house essential meeting tools, you and your team can stay comfortable and organized to focus on what’s important.

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Ref: R050318

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SAMSUNG Flip 55" Digital Flipchart for Business (WM55H)

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