About Us

Our Team entered the South African Internet and IT market in January of 1996, and with steady growth throughout the past 21 years we find ourself in a favourable market position with the services we provide to our customers.

Beyond 2017, we'll continue to strive and aim to get the leading edge over our national competitors via total product and service support, and constantly identifying and satisfying customers' needs.

As such is our wish to make our sales and support approach to each individual customer unique as per that individual customer's personality, financial ability and related needs specific to his/her circumstances. We find ALL the best deals daily and handpick every single deal we post here to ensure it is the best price we can offer from the stock available.
Our staff also have earned recognition for their ability to interface with our online customers and making their online experience rather enjoying resulting in both parties benefitting from the business we do together online.
Lastly and worth mentioning is the fact that throughout our 21 years of trading we've always made a special effort to get involved in the speedy resolution of technical related problems experienced by users of our hardware even if they're sometimes a complete stranger due to trading online with us.